Source code availability, Windows Binarys, Linux packages, Unix ports of mod_tidy

Source code availability

The source code for mod_tidy is available under the terms of the Apache Licence, Version 2. The Tarball of the latest production source is always available at the Main mod_tidy download area and here.

Release 0.5.5
Current stable release of mod_tidy.
All recent releases of mod_tidy.
Old versions of of mod_tidy, authored by Sebastian Tusk. This resource is under control of Sebastian Tusk and might be silently closed some day.

Windows Binary

Windows Binarys (Win32) of mod_tidy are available at the Main mod_tidy download area, here and at Günter Knauf's Apache module repository.

Linux packages

Novell SuSE Linux, OpenSuSE Linux

Most recent RPM packages of mod_tidy for Novell SuSE Linux/OpenSuSE Linux are available at the Main mod_tidy download area, here and at

Official, but possibly not so up-to-date RPM packages of Novell SuSE Linux/OpenSuSE Linux made by SuSE, are available at SuSEs FTP Server or one of its various mirrors.

In addition to different Novell SuSE Linux/OpenSuSE Linux versions, the RPMs should be easily adaptable to other RPM based systems.

Note that mod_tidy RPMs have several dependencies, you'll have to get at least the following RPMs from Novell SuSE or OpenSuSE:

to run mod_tidy
to build mod_tidy

All the necessary RPMs are either included in the Novell SuSE/OpenSuSE distribution(s) or are available at the Apache directory on SuSE's FTP Server or at one of its various mirrors. RPM repositories like also are mirroring SuSEs FTP servers. However, the most recent Tidy RPMs are available at

To install the RPM packages, use of an automated package management tool, such as Yast2, apt, yum or up2date is recommended but not mandatory.

Fedora Linux, Red Hat Linux, Mandriva Linux

mod_tidy RPM packages for Fedora Linux are available at Fedora Extras or RPM repositories like and These repositories also hold mod_tidy packages for Mandriva (formerly known as Mandrake) Linux. Because these Repositories just mirror other resources, their mod_tidy packages may be not the latest, depending on the refresh cycle of their index.

Unix port


A mod_tidy port for FreeBSD Unix is offered by the Ports-Collection.