How to provide Feedback for mod_tidy

Finding help on validation and Web Authoring

Your page doesn't validate, and you don't know why, or you have a question about HTML, stylesheets or validation?

First, check the Web authoring FAQ to see if your question has been answered there.

The two most common problems are: Validating pages with ampersands (&'s) in URLs and Validating pages with JavaScript: HTML in a script Element.

If your problem isn't covered by one of the resources above, you can send it to one of the following forums:

Each of these forums have plenty of experienced HTML authors who are willing to share their expertise. If you are commenting on a specific page, be sure to provide a URL when you ask your question!

Error Message feedback

mod_tidy is based on TidyLib, the core library of Tidy. Therefore, mod_tidy merely passes through the error and warning messages, TidyLib puts out.

If you think mod_tidy itself has errors or could be improved, please don't hasitate to write an email to The mod_tidy Team.

If you think the error and warning messages (which are produced through TidyLib) of mod_tidy's result page could be improved, or are not comprehensible, you can send questions and suggestions to the Tidy mailing-list.

Before you send any feedback on error messages to either The mod_tidy Team or the Tidy Team, we encourage you to search the archives of the Tidy mailing-list for existing messages on this error in case your feedback has already been sent, or answers to your query have already been given.

Search the archives of the html-tidy mailing-list:

Once you have checked that your suggestion has not been given yet, you can send your message. To write an efficient message:

Discuss and participate

If you are interested in helping to improve this service, by writing code or just providing ideas, you should feel free to join or send a message to the mod_tidy mailing-list.

Questions to Tidy and TidyLib

TidyLib is the core library on which mod_tidy heavily relies. The public mailing-list to discuss TidyLib, is html-tidy. In case of TidyLib requests send your message to the html-tidy public mailing-list

You can subscribe to this list (and unsubscribe), or if you just have a small patch or idea and don't want to join the list, feel free to send it directly to the list. But whatever you do, always use the mail search engine first to check for existing messages on a given topic.