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This is the error page of mod_tidy, a TidyLib based module for the Apache 2 HTTP Server to parse/syntax-check, clean up and pretty-print Web documents in formats like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards.

This page is not valid!

As long as you run into this error page, the Markup of the current Web document isn't valid. To avoid this error page, meaning to be able to view your document as expected, you are strongly encouraged to correct its Markup.

Below are the results of parsing this document with mod_tidy:

  1. line 1 column 1 - Warning: missing <!DOCTYPE> declaration
  2. line 1 column 50 - Warning: missing </h1> before </h2>
  3. line 1 column 69 - Warning: discarding unexpected </h2>

Source Listing

Below is the source input I used for checking:

Output Listing

Below is my tidied up version: